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Tagged: video


Sourcetrunk (Episode 094) : WebRTC

This episode will briefly explain WebRTC and show you how to create your own video conferencing room on a modest webserver with simpleWebRTC. It’s simple, really simple. WebRTC WebRTC architecture simpleWebRTC Talky.io The Linux...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 087) : MiniDLNA

This episode will connect all sorts of multimedia devices together with DLNA, let’s take MiniDLNA for a spin.     MiniDLNA MiniDLNA Dockstar / Pogoplug MiniDLNA RaspBerry Pi Duply Odroid Mythshutdown Android picks : MediaHouse...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 035) : Mplayer

This episode will point you to MPlayer, literally everything you need for all your media playing needs. Sunbird Sunbird faq Chandler Bongo Project Webcalendar Plans Openoffice 3.0 Beta music from Adrina Thorpe on music.podshow.com...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 031) : Miro

This episode will have you turn your computer into a TV with Miro, securely log into your server ‘browserwise’ with AjaxTerm and get Moc to quickly open a terminal and listen to your favorite...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 030) : Avidemux

This episode will introduce the ease of encoding video files with Avidemux, rip your complete CD collection with Grip and get VNCsnapshot to take snapshots of your VNC enabled servers. www.sysresccd.org gparted.sourceforge.net www.damnsmallinux.org music...