Sourcetrunk (Episode 013) : mythtv

This episode will show you the magic of MythTV and will hopefully spark your curiosity about this beautiful PVR project. Make your own TV recorder !

I. multimedia software : MythTV
MythTV is a homebrew PVR project that I’ve been working on in my spare time. It’s been under heavy development for almost four years, and is now quite useable and featureful.

from the developer : “I got tired of the rather low quality cable box that AT&T Broadband provides with their digital cable service. It’s slow to change channels, ridden with ads, and the program guide is a joke. So, I figured it’d be fun to try and build a replacement. Yes, I could have just bought a TiVo, but I wanted to have more than just a PVR — I want a webbrowser built in, a mail client, maybe some games. Basically, I want the mythical convergence box that’s been talked about for a few years now.”
Myth on Mac x86
MythTV on Debian Etch

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beer on this episode : Judas

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