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Tagged: operating system


Sourcetrunk (Episode 060) : Ubuntu

This episode will introduce you to an operating system that is more than ready for the desktop user experience. Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu Netbook Edition and Ubuntu One Ubuntu get Ubuntu 10.04 shipped Ubuntu Netbook...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 053) : Unetbootin

This episode let’s you throw away distro CD’s. Use Unetbootin for all your distro installation purposes, a hard drive or USB stick and you’re good to go ! Unetbootin translation launchpad Ubuntu 9.10 Sourceforge...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 045) : Xandros

This episode will let you browse and wander through different distributions for the Asus EEE netbook, meet Xandros, Easy Peasy, Puppy Linux and eeeXubuntu. Xandros Easy Peasy Puppy Linux eeeXubuntu Asus Xandros CD Install...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 010) : Webcam

This episode will be all about Webcams and toying with them, software reviewed is Webcam, Hasciicam and Wacaw, for Linux, BSD and MacOSX. All Gnu GPL software. I. multimedia software : Webcam webcam captures...