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Tagged: game


Puppy Linux Arcade

Four years ago we bought my mother-in-law a Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook to have her follow up on her emails in a timely fashion. It’s a wonderful, not too expensive device which did the...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 023) : Nuvexport

This episode will show you how to export you MythTV recordings with Nuvexport, demonstrate dogfighting in style with Beyond the Red Line and downloading your favorite podcasts has never been easier with Bashpodder I....


Sourcetrunk (Episode 021) : FlightGear

This episode is entirely dedicated to the power of open source software demonstrated with the beautiful, technically very powerful and fun flight simulator FlightGear. Flying planes is not for everybody, simulating the experience clearly...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 016) : Nexuiz

This episode is all about blasting, burning and killing each other online with the great Nexuiz. A beautiful open source 3D deathmatch game project based on the Quake Engine. Let’s Fragg ! We’ll also...