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Tagged: security


ZoneMinder: Linux Home CCTV

ZoneMinder is a video camera security and surveillance solution. It can be used for theft prevention or simple home monitoring. This project has been in the back of my mind for a long time...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 090) : Tripwire

This episode will introduce you to Tripwire, a security and data integrity tool that let’s you know if someone (or something) is altering your server files. Tripwire Tripwire howto Support Tripwire command to easily...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 074) : Motion

This episode will show you how to build your own Home Security System, or simply demonstrate how to tinker with your WebCam and various, moving objects. Meet Motion !     Motion Motion Guide Android...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 049) : OpenSSH

This episode will try to explain the possible uses, show examples and praise the encryptive and secure power of OpenSSH. OpenSSH OpenSSH history OpenSSH manual pages OpenSSH donations ! BSDTalk Quiet Coffee public &...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 044) : wireshark

This episode will show you how to capture, parse and read all network traffic with the wonderful Wireshark, the network tool for enthusiastic amateurs and hardcore professionals. Wireshark Wireshark documentation Wireshark contributors xbmc Systembolaget...