Sourcetrunk (Episode 007) : Mondo Rescue

This episode will be concentrated on the flying software with the red cape that comes to your rescue when your system breaks : Mondo Rescue. Ample will be the little extra. All GNU GPL software, for Unix, Linux, and BSD.

I. system tools : Mondo Rescue
It backs up your GNU/Linux server or workstation to tape, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R[W], DVD+R[W], NFS or hard disk partition. In the event of catastrophic data loss, you will be able to restore all of your data [or as much as you want], from bare metal if necessary. Mondo is in use by Lockheed-Martin, Nortel Networks, Siemens, HP, IBM, NASA’s JPL, the US Dept of Agriculture, dozens of smaller companies, and tens of thousands of users.

II. the little extra : Ample
Ample is an MP3 server written in C. It does not intend to support mixing, radio shows etc. Just an easy way to listen to your MP3’s everywhere using the “open location” features already present in XMMS, WinAmp and Media Player.

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beer on this episode : Orval

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