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Sourcetrunk (Episode 015) : Synergy

This episode will let you switch from one operating system to another … without even thinking about it. Embrace Synergy. (and enjoy various media information while doing this with the lovely Media Player Classic)...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 010) : Webcam

This episode will be all about Webcams and toying with them, software reviewed is Webcam, Hasciicam and Wacaw, for Linux, BSD and MacOSX. All Gnu GPL software. I. multimedia software : Webcam webcam captures...


Sourcetrunk (Episode 002) : GParted

In this episode we will discuss GParted, XMMS and PDFtk. Great Open Source software, all GNU GPL Licensed. Listen to the podcast for more information I. system tools : GParted GParted is an industrial-strength...