Sourcetrunk (Episode 094) : WebRTC and simpleWebRTC

This episode will briefly explain WebRTC and show you how to create your own video conferencing room on a modest webserver with simpleWebRTC. It's simple, really simple.

WebRTC architecture
The Linux Action Show

Android picks : Google Chrome for Android

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I just listened to your episode on webrtc and i would like to try it. you said you downloaded a package to your webserver and then navigated to it. where did you find the package?

Thanks for the episode and welcome back. I truly enjoy your show. in fact, we have a "Trappist pub" near us and i am inspired to check it out from listening to sourcetrunk!


Hi Matt,

Thanks for the feedback, I used the zip download on GitHub : , simply download it to your webserver and browse to the folder.

Let me know where the Trappist pub is, then I'll include it in the Beer Bin ;)

Good luck !