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Sourcetrunk (Episode 098) : Lightzone

This episode will throw a bit of light on photo manipulation software. LightZone is the perfect workflow tool for all your RAW editing needs. LightZone Digikam UFRaw DCRaw Shotwell The Gimp Darktable Photivo RawTherapee...

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Sourcetrunk (Episode 054) : Digikam

This episode will let you work your way through your pictures like a pro ! meet Digikam, the advanced digital photo management application digikam digikam donations digikam wiki Camp KDE 2010 Sinterklaas Fink project...

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Sourcetrunk (Episode 040) : Gallery

This episode will show you how to manage Your photos on Your site with the simple, sophisticated, stable,super Gallery web environment. Gallery Gallery User Contributions Gallery G1-G2 comparison donate to gallery netbootin.sourceforge.net Ohio LinuxFest...