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on this page, I would like to collect all the places where you can drink a fine belgian beer. It starts as a small list, but I hope it will grow to an enourmous list where you can browse at your ease for some nice Yee Old Beer Shoppes !

These adresses are sent in by the listeners and with any luck, it's close to your own doorstep :

. Washington DC : The Brickskeller

Over 1000 beers available, including a good selection of Belgian brews.

. Cooperstown New York : Brewery Ommegang

Also, Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, New York has been brewing
Belgian-style ales since 1997. Ommegang was purchased by Duvel in 2003.

. Massachusetts : the British Beer Company

a group of seven restaurants south of Boston, Massachusetts. All
of their locations have a decent variety of beers, one has a very
extensive beer list including Chimay Triple on tap and a few more
Belgian brews in bottles.

. Bristol, Tennessee : Inari Wines

wine shop is Inari Wines. They carry the following Belgian beers. I know that some people drive a couple hundred miles to stock up here. Any of you listeners in this area that don't already know about this place would love to find it I am sure. They also will special order other beers but this is what they stock.

Lindeman Lambics
Duchesse de Bourgogne
Stella Artois
Brasserie des Rocs
Trappiste Rochefort
Caracole Saxo and Troublette
Val Dieu
St. Bernardus

It is run by Paul and Aulikki Brandt. Aulikki is from Finland.

. Stockholm, Sweden : Belgobaren

Should you ever find that you're in Stockholm,
Sweden, and have a craving for Belgian beer and/or a bite to eat, check
out Belgobaren. The site is in Swedish only, I'm afraid,
but the beer list doesn't need any
translation. It doesn't cover every beer they serve (about 250 brands),
but gives you a fair idea about what you can have. And yes, Corsendonk is

. The Belgian Beer Cafes, Sydney, Australia

Epoque and Heritage were designed by the trendsetting Belgium-based design firm, Creneau. It is a place of glowing mahogany-stained solid oak, engraved bar stools, bevelled mirrors, vintage beer posters and etched glass.

. Belgian Beer Paradise, Rio de Janeiro

there is one called Belgian Beer Paradise in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil - there is also another one in São Paulo, but I've never
beer (sorry for the pun but I couldn't help it) there. (this is the main page) (this page has the address of the
two stores)

The website is only in portuguese but if you browse through it, you'll
find out that there is a respectable selection of beers.

. There is also a Belgium Beer Cafe in Adelaide

. Liquid Solutions in Oregon City, Oregon

. In Chicago, IL, USA, the place for Belgian beer is The Hopleaf Bar

Lots and lots of Belgians, by the bottle...

... and on tap (17!)

. A place in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA called the Bayou

HOP (Hop, at viale Regina Margherita 4), it's located in milan and offers a wide selection of italian homebrews and some nice belgian beers (in bottle).

. Peculier Pub, New York City, New York

. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Cracked Kettle : Supporting the independent brewer, wine producer and distiller

. "advanced beer shelf" in New Jersey - Wine Library

. Café de Bruxelles in Manhattan NY

. Two Brothers Brewing Company is a family owned and operated microbrewery and brewpub located in the western suburbs of Chicago

. Brouwer's Cafe in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood

Brouwer's Cafe has hundreds of beers, mostly Belgian. And good food!

. Dr.iNK in Fulham, London UK.
They have an excellent selection of Belgian beer as well as many other goodies

The Bruxelles, Leicester
To drink Belgium beer in Leicester, England, visit The Bruxelles

Monastery Greetings
get your fix at Monastery Greetings !

De Hems, London
You will find De Hems Dutch Cafe Bar in Soho London within a short stroll of Shaftesbury Avenue, Leicester Square Tube and Chinatown - however you won't find another like it. Kwak beer is available

La Galéjade, Annecy, France
4 Quai Perrière, 74000 Annecy, France
La Galéjade on Trip Advisor

image used : yzatdc at Deviant Art



btw, I enjoy your podcasts
Keep up the good work!

Hi !

just added it to the beer bin, thanks.


I live in New Zealand and it's soooo hard to find good Belgian beer. Most people here brew their own beer.

Yep, not only are we very lucky, we also appreciate it when someone points out how lucky we belgian beer lovers are :)

Thanks !

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I just went there this past week. Besides having their own microbrew beers, they had a selection of Belgians.

Thanks ! just added it to the beer bin :)
kind regards,

Brouwer's Cafe has hundreds of beers, mostly Belgian. And good food!

thanks ! added the Brouwer's Café to the Beer bin :)

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