Sourcetrunk (Episode 016)

This episode is all about blasting, burning and killing each other online with the great Nexuiz. A beautiful open source 3D deathmatch game project based on the Quake Engine. Let's Fragg ! We'll also do fast follow-up on the reviewed software so far.

I. Games : Nexuiz
Nexuiz is a 3d deathmatch game project, created online by a team of developers called Alientrap. It is available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux (all the same archive).The first version was released May 31st 2005, released entirely GPL and free over the net, a first for a project of its kind. Since then it has been downloaded over half a million times, and the game is still being updated and developed, currently at version 2.2 and new releases being developed.

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Hi there,

First time commenter. I have been listening to your Podcast for the past couple months. Great work! I am a realitively new user of Linux and Open source software so I really enjoy your blog. Anyways in this episode you mentioned a blog which links to lots of OSS but it was hard to get the URL from just the audio and I know you mentioned it would be listed on the site but I can't find it for the life of me. So just wondering if you could list it here. It sounded like Charlie Brown or something like that but I couldn't catch the full name.



Hi Kevin,

it's on this page, just under the screenshots of Nexuiz (

It's not really a blog with a lot of open source software on it, but more a plug to someone who delivers a lot of information about open source audio applications on Windows systems. And I wanted to thank him with a plug on the podcast. Check him out, maybe you'll like his blog.

thanks for the feedback,


Very good post, thanks a lot.