Sourcetrunk (Episode 051) : Songbird

This episode will talk about the wonderful Songbird project, the open-source customizable music player that will rock your little or extensive music library

Songbird add-ons
Songbird Contribute
Songbird developers
The Cracked Kettle

music from Kellys Lot
theme from Brand New Sin on
Beer on this episode : Deugniet



yay! a new episode. i *really* enjoy your podcasts. they are high quality (sound AND content) and entertaining and informative. that seems to be a difficult combination for most podcasters to achieve. please, do keep up the fine work...and if you wanted to be a little more prolific, i wouldn't mind;)


... and showing it to my fellow podcasters, just to tease them a bit !
thanks for the nice words.

I'm planning (and will probably be able to pull it off) by doing an episode once every 2 weeks.

thanks again.
kind regards,

Great show Dimitri!

I love the way you promote open source software without the Windows bashing! Your show always inspires me to try new things. It is my great pleasure to by you a beer.


Hi Dana,

thanks for the lovely words ! I'll drink the beer(s) to your health :)

kind regards,

Thank you for another great episode. I don't drink beer, but I love Open Source. So it's always great to hear about software that you find or just want to share with us. I'll definitely be trying out Songbird.
And I just wanted to say that I think this podcast is an awesome way to promote open source in a very positive and informative way.


Hi Chris,

thanks for the great feedback !

kind regards,

Hi, Dimitri!

Thanks for this wonderful podcast and especially this episode. I really enjoyed listening it. I have tested songbird before, but I didn't stick to it because my music library is mostly wavpack + cue files. Songbird didn't handle cue files at all. I don't now what is the current condition of this right now, so I guess I should test it again.

Thanks again and keep podcasting.


it appears you're not the only one requesting the use of cue files :
join the discussion and see where you get :)

thanks for the feedback !

Hi Dimitri,

I don't agree about the availability of Belgian Beer's in The Netherlands. You can get La Chouffe and Duvel in almost all bars, and in every city there are several bars where you can get all sorts of beer, including a lot of Belgian beers.


I like your pod cast and listened to all the old episodes!

Hi Tom,

you are absolutely right, I listened to my remark and it seems I'm giving the impression that it is a common fact that you can't get good Belgian Beers in The Netherlands. ( but that I was surprised to find so much good Belgian Beers in Amsterdam was also one of my remarks ! :) )

I've been talking to some dutch colleagues and they also say that it is very easy to find Belgian material anywhere in The Netherlands.

my apologies, will happen again and I hope someone will correct me then as well.

thanks for the feedback !